Hill Farm Pool

Worcester Angling Society
Hill Farm Pool

Diglis Lock has unrestricted parking for about 12 cars but there is also 2 hours parking around Diglis Dock, free after 6.30pm (effectively free parking from 4.30pm). Parking on Weir Lane is unrestricted but busy during weekdays 8am to 5pm due to the new industrial units.
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Day Permits

The Society does not issue Day Permits for non-members to fish Brockamin Pool Guest Permits can be purchased by Members of the Society in order to take guests on to Brockamin Pool. Guest Permits are issued subject to the conditions outlined on the day permits page.

Hill Farm Pool

Situated at Brockamin near Leigh, this natural pool is set in quiet surroundings and is about two thirds of an acre in size. Extensive renovation work has been carried out on the pool, since it was purchased by the Society in 1999. The pool is stocked with carp, roach, rudd, tench and bream.

Keepnets are not to be used to protect the fish. We have had problems this year with litter. It is every anglers responsibility to remove all litter from the peg they have been fishing in.

Parking after heavy rain – please be careful parking your vehicle on the grass next to the telegraph pole. This area can become quite boggy.