Worcester Angling Society

Constitution and Rules of the Society

  1. That the Society be called ‘The Worcester Angling Society (Established 1838). Hereafter to be referred to as the Society.
  2. The Object of the Society being to promote the art of angling in a true and sportsmanlike spirit at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.
  3. The officers of the Society shall consist of a President, seven Vice Presidents, a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary, two Auditors, two Assistant Secretaries (Competitions) and a Membership Secretary, who with ten elected Gentleman shall form the Executive Committee to transact all business connected with the Society. Five members shall form a Quorum. All officers and committee members shall be elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.
  4. Anyone living within a 15 mile radius of Worcester City Centre, desirous of becoming a member of the Society, shall be proposed and seconded by an existing member of the Society and election shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee, membership of the Society, at any given time, to be limited to 400. Newly elected members must pay an entrance fee in addition to the Annual Subscription. The amount of Entrance Fee to be that agreed and in operation at the time of joining. Anyone living outside the catchment area and desirous of becoming an Associate Member of the Society shall be proposed and seconded by an existing Full or Associate Member and election will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee, providing that there is no waiting list for Full Membership. Associate Membership, at any given time, to be restricted to 100. The Entrance fee and Annual Subscription for Associate Membership to be that agreed and in operation at the time of joining. Associate Members shall not have the right to vote regarding any Society business, Constitution or rule change.
  5. The Annual Subscription of Members and Associate Members shall be agreed annually at each Annual General Meeting. Ordinary Members wishing to fish for salmon, shall pay a fee in addition to the Ordinary Membership. Subscriptions in respect of Lady Members, Senior Citizens and juniors, together with those subscriptions listed above, will be agreed each year at the Annual General Meeting. ‘Juniors’ must be under the age of 16 on the 1st January and associated with a Full Member. No Entrance Fee is payable for juniors, who will be eligible to fish for trout, grayling and coarse fish only. New members must have paid three years full subscriptions before being eligible for the ‘Senior Citizens’ subscription. Members shall be in full membership for two years before being eligible for a Lower Teme Salmon Permit. The number of Salmon Permits issued shall be restricted to 50. Salmon Permits will be issued to applicants when they become available, with priority being given to those applicants with the longest unbroken service. There shall be no fee regarding salmon fishing on Lower Bishopswood on the river Wye. However, the two year membership restriction shall apply. All subscriptions are due on the 1st April and must be paid by the following 31st March. Members are not entitled to fish in Society waters, or to fish in any Society Competitions, until subscriptions are paid. Any Member or Associate Member not having paid his/her subscription by the 31st March will be liable to have his/her name removed from the list of members and the vacancy filled. When fishing, members must produce their card of membership, on request by another member or Bailiff, under penalty of being reported and called before the Disciplinary Subcommittee.
  6. Members of exceptionally long standing or exceptional service to the Society may be elected free Life Members at any Annual General Meeting of members.
  7. The Ordinary Meeting of the Executive Committee to be called by the Hon. Secretary when necessary.
  8. The ‘Society’s’ Year to commence April 1st and terminate March 31st. The Annual General Meeting to be held as soon as possible after this date, for the purpose of electing Officers and the Executive Committee, receiving a balance sheet and for transacting any business in connection with the ensuing season.
  9. Rod and line fishing only allowed by the members of the Society.
  10. Competitions to be fished in accordance with competition rules issued annually. All competitions to be fished ’All in’. All fish caught in competitions shall be eligible for specimen fish. All Trophies presented by the Society must be for fish caught in the Society’s competitions. Salmon and Lamprey are not eligible for competitions.
  11. Every member of the Society shall rightly observe the close season for Game Fish and for coarse fish in Society waters. Nor shall any member take immature fish or take fish in any illegal or unsportsmanlike manner. No coarse fish to be taken from the Society’s waters. No coarse fish, dead or alive, to be used as bait on Society waters. No fish of any species to be landed on the Old Powick Bridge.
  12. Notice of any proposed alterations in rules must be sent to the Secretary 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.
  13. Barbless hooks only to be used on Society Pools. It is recommended that barbless hooks be used whenever possible on all Society waters
  14. These rules shall be absolutely binding. Should any member at any time commit a breach of the above rules or so misconduct himself as to render his/her remaining in the Society a source of annoyance to other members, commit wilful
  15. damage to mowing grass or fences, countenance illegal fishing, or in any way act in an unsportsmanlike manner, he/she shall be summoned by the Secretary before the Disciplinary Sub-committee who may expel or suspend him/her from the Society by a resolution, where their entrance fee and subscription may be forfeited. Members who are disciplined shall have the right to appeal in person to the Executive Committee with regard to any decision affecting them, provided that notice of such appeal is submitted to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision.